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A New Can-tender Has Arrived!

Hard Seltzer Cocktail

In the age of ever evolving technology, why should alcohol be exempt?
ENTER: The age of the “Hard Seltzer.” Long gone are the days of Zima and wine coolers as the popular “light” party refreshment, perfect for those modest or even non-drinking friends coming over for a BBQ or get together.

But don't underestimate these new can-tenders, as the have taken on a stronger character. In the midst of the hard lemonade and cider’s heyday, here come hard seltzers!

Perhaps you're already familiar with White Claw and Corona's rendition of these fizzy favorites and as refreshing as they are, let's face it they're hardly up to par. Perhaps this is because they’re all malt based seltzers, that are heavy in sugar and additives. That is until now; make room for the newest kids on the block.... The Hard Liquor Seltzer! 

Today, we’ll run through some of the alternatives we have tasted and reviewed on our VLOG and give a cleaned up written report card and the fun and alternately
refreshing side of the hard seltzer world. Not to mention, two other fun, fresh and unconventional canned alcoholic beverages.First up, High Noon. Made of premium Vodka, Seltzer and natural flavors that comes in 4 very crisp flavors. Peach. Watermelon, Grapefruit, and Pineapple. Each High Noon can is 355ml and has less than 3g of sugar and only 100 calories per serving. 

High Noon Hard SeltzerJumping right in, we loved Grapefruit the most. Easy to drink. Zero aftertaste. With the right amount of natural flavor. This stands alone, or can top off a perfect Paloma.

With a 4.5% abv, High Noon has mastered the balance of masking any heavy alcohol flavors with refreshing fruit flavors; we both agreed that we barely even noticed the alcohol in the first place. 

Peach and Watermelon were a touch more subtle on the flavor, but still very pleasant, and more on the natural tasting side.

Finally, Pineapple; tropical and lively it had just the right amount of sweetness. If you are a pineapple person, you will absolutely love it!

We also mixed all of these together to make a fruit punch seltzer, and honestly
speaking... we felt as if we discovered a 5th hidden flavor! Tropical and refreshing this High Noon combo made for an amazing and rare fruit punch.

Next in the line up, female owned and family operated BuzzBallz! With over 15 
flavors, we had to find out what all the "buzz" was about,  but for the purposes of not getting too hammered, we decided to pick 3 flavors; Watermelon Smash, Grapefruit, and Choc Tease.

The flavor and alcohol on all of the mixtures were right out of the box, 0-60 in 4 seconds,POW! FLAVOR! (with 15% abv, its no wonder). But don't expect any fizz as these are really cocktails in a can that are stackable, drinkable, recyclable...did we mention its Kosher too?

Having a variety of options, Buzzballz stood out because all the flavors succeeded where other brands have failed. They hold up in taste, freshness, and quality. There’s no floating particles nor settlement of the ingredients, just smooth hard flavor.

These canned cocktails are great to hide behind the bar in your home, or refrigerator, and let you play quarterback while you pass these along to
friends and take the mixing assist credit.

Our favorite was the Choc Tease and Ruby Red Grapefruit!

Finally, and what I found to be the “Dark Horse” of our Can-tender experiment....
CANNED CHAMPAGNE!!! (We'll Sparkling wine technically, but you get our drift)
Aptly named: Dark Horse; Rose and Brut Bubbles!

Dark Horse BubblesEverything about Dark Horse’s canned Rose and Brut screamed “Bottle” as we literally could not tell the difference! You’ll see the authentic surprise on our faces on our review VLOG.

The Rose walked right up to the line of sweetness but didn’t pass it, like many traditional Roses you would find at higher prices this 375ml (half a regular size bottle) can is only $5.99; nearly 2⁄3 the price of a good Rose that won't go to waste.

The Rose walked right up to the line of sweetness but didn’t pass it, like many traditional Roses you would find at higher prices this 375ml (half a regular size bottle) can is only $5.99; nearly 2⁄3 the price of a good Rose that won't go to waste.

The Brut was equally as good but dry as the name denotes. The bubbles were full
force, and the flavor was spot on with crisp flavors of peach and citrus notes.

Truly we were wonderfully surprised at all of our findings, but the Sparkling Wine made us believers. We are so happy to have reviewed and experienced this brand, and we hope you CAN do the same.

After all, let's face it, no one ever thought box wine could be any good, and it's gone on to win awards. So definitely give yourself a chance to be pleasantly surprised as we were with Dark Horses’ Canned bubbles line, as well as the new alternatives to hard seltzer and already made canned cocktails.

Watch our live tasting below

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