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A New Way to Celebrate Mother's Day

Mother's Day Behind Closed Doors

A day to celebrate the one who birthed you, cared for you, raised you, and hopefully taught you well. It’s a day to give thanks and acknowledgement. And hopefully, it’s one day of the year that stands out and in a perfect world, a day that everything is given back to Mom, so that she can kick up her feet, relax with her favorite drink, and know she is appreciated.  

Things are already a bit peculiar during these uncertain times, however I find celebrating any holiday is the most challenging. Fortunate for me I work with my immediate family so celebrating Mother's Day won't be our normal get together with Grandma and my aunts, but nonetheless I'll have the chance (and now the privilege) to hug my mom and for that I am certainly grateful. 

For those who are not as fortunate, I offer some unique ways to say 'love you' 

Social Distancing Brunch.

I haven't seen grandma since all this started and suffice it to say I miss her dearly, so I've planned a little Brunch. I had a bottle of her favorite wine and a box full of her waffles and syrup shipped to her a couple of days ago. Luckily for me grandma still enjoys a good boozy breakfast and has some yard furniture out so I'll be arriving with my own togo breakfast and beverage, parking right outside her window (at a safe distance of course) and share in a small toast to her.

Facetime With MOM-osa's Recipe

Celebrating digitally or face to face help Mom feel special by sharing the perfect Mom-osa recipe. Easy and delicious you'll sure to solidify your place as Mom's favorite.


-8 ounces orange juice

Champagne or Prosecco, we prefer La Marca or Moet

- 2 ounces Triple Sec or Cointreau


- Rinse and chill glasses in freezer to frost.

- Pour 2 ounces of orange juice into each flute, about 1/3 of the flute.

- Fill almost to the rim with Champagne and top each glass with a splash of orange liqueur and serve.

Forget the 
Flowers | Send A Dozen Rosés

It's always the thought that counts, but why not give a gift they can enjoy too!
Ditch the classic bouquet and send mom a dozen rosés.

Here are 12 of our favorites and a guide to help you choose! Don't forget to use promo code 4MOMMA and Save 10% off your order of 12+ bottles. 

  1. Mademoiselle
    Sleek and just a bit sweet, this wine is simply sumptuous

  2. Summer In A Bottle 
    Transport mom to the Hamptons with each relaxing sip of Summer In A Bottle. 

  3. Tabor
    Affordable and crisp this rose also a great Kosher option!

  4. Lunetta 
    Celebrate life's small pleasures with a refreshing, dry Prosecco with crisp fruit flavors

  5. Roubine La Vie En Rose 
    Beautifully adorned this bottle is easy to drink and even easier to finish.

  6. Sainte Beatrice Rose
    Have mom say 'Oui' to every refill with a glass of this contemporary rose made from a blend of Cinsault, Grenache and Syrah grapes.

  7. Notorious Pink 
    For thos rebellious moms who prefer a little less sweetness.

  8. Whispering Angel
    Soft and balanced with sweetness this rose is perfect for your personal angel

  9. Chateau Montaud
    Cheers to mom with one of our most popular roses! The perfect option for the eco-aware mom this rose isn't just delicious it also 

  10. Blood Orange Grand Reserve
    We love this twist to the normal rose as it has a fuller body and slightly citrus flavor. 

  11. Shiloh
    Velvety and fruit forward, Shiloh Rose has an ultra fragrant nose that is better than any bouquet from your local florist.

  12. Drapier 
    For the mom that prefers a bit of bubbly to her rose, Drapier is an excellent choice.

Let Her Choose

Don't know quite what she might like? Let Mom choose!Simply purchase your gift card and we'll send her gift along with instructions and a personal message. So they can enjoy their favorite choice of wine or liquor, courtesy of you!

479 Wine Gift Card

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