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An Unlikely Pairing | Paul Hobbs + Armenia

Wine Maker Paul Hobbs

For over 30 years Paul Hobbs has been recognized for his superb winemaking skills, which are largely due to his approach. Having grown up on a farm, Hobbs was ingrained with two main principles; "maintain a healthy environment and respect and care for its resources."This practice is perhaps best exemplified with Hobbs' newest venture with Yacoubian-Hobbs wines.

After a chance meeting, wine lovers and brothers, Viken and Vahe Yacoubian invited Paul to visit Armenia to discover the origins of wine. Like most individuals, Paul was unaware of the region's winemaking past. Partially due to the fact that the discovery of the earliest winery, (6,100-year-old to be exact) in Areni, Armenia was only recently uncovered. 

Intrigued, Paul traveled all across Armenia with the Yacoubians and was able to experience the unique flavors of the land. It's there the three conceded to forge a partnership to shed light on the overlooked region and ancient varietals.

 honoring the history of Armenia without  masking the varietals true identity. 

Today, the three travel several times a year to Vayots Dzor, where they each bring their love and knowledge to oversee the farming and winemaking employed to produce Yacoubian-Hobbs wines. Introducing Hobbs' practices was a fundamental part in producing higher quality wines and honoring the history of Armenia without  masking the varietals true identity. 

Armenia  image courtesy of pixaby

The collection of Yacoubian-Hobbs encompasses three offerings; traditional Areni, 
Areni Sarpina and White Blend wine. 

Rated 92pt by Wine Enthusiast, Yacoubian-Hobbs Areni is made of 100% Areni grapes grown in Rind, Vayots Dzor. What exactly does this varietal taste like? We would say its reminiscent of a cross between Pinot Noir and Sangiovese with deep berry flavors and strong tannins.

A more sophisticated rendition to the traditional Areni, Yacoubian-Hobbs Sarpina is aged in French oak and produced in small quantities using only the best of the varietal. Also awarded 92pts by Wine Enthusiast, this wine is full of intense dark fruit flavors and spice.

For the white wine lovers, Yacoubian-Hobbs has their White Blend. Made from Voskehat, Katuni, Qrdi and Garan Demak, this white is medium-bodied, with a refreshing and aromatic nose that has just the right amount of acidity. 

Although sticking to your Napa favorites is safe, Paul Hobbs opens the doors to foreign territory and proves that a great wine can come from anywhere, so long as its loyal to its roots.

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