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Apfel Mimosa

Apfel MimosaWith the holiday's just a few days away and the gifts all packed, there is only one thing left to think about; drinks!

If your like us you'll be enjoying your favorite bottle of wine (we'll be having Caymus) and a scotch or two, but what about trying something festive and new with our signature Apfel Mimosa?

Using less than 4 ingredients you can create a gourmet flavored cocktail and impress all your guests (perhaps even yourself) with this crisp effervescent drink. 

SERVINGS:  4 glasses

-16 oz. Prosecco or Champagne, we suggest Cupcake Prosecco 
-8 oz. Schonauer Apfel liqueur
-1 Tbsp. Brown sugar or Cinnamon for garnish
-Apple for garnish

DIRECTIONS: Pour one tablespoon of brown sugar or cinnamon into a shallow dish and spread out evenly. Wet the rim of each champagne flute with water and flip each cup and gently press the rim into the brown sugar or cinnamon.  Slice apple into think half wedges and set aside.

Pour 4 oz. of Prosecco or Champagne into each glass and top off with 2 oz. of Schonauer Apfel liqueur. Gently stir with a spoon and add wedge to glass for finishing touch

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