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Cinco De Mayo | How + Why We Celebrate

Break out the limes and warm up the blender, Cinco de Mayo is right around the corner but before you get to mixing up your favorite batch of margaritas lets take a little time to understand the history behind this celebratory day.

Cinco de Mayo was first celebrated in the United States in 1863 in Southern California, following an early victory by Mexican forces over French forces in the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862. 

The celebration was in support of solidarity with Mexico against French rule. By the 1930s the holiday became an opportunity to celebrate Mexican identity, promote ethnic consciousness and build community rapport.

Today, we highlight some of our favorite brands, as we celebrate Cinco de Mayo with one of our Mexican compadres’ best exports, and the most prominent rising spirit over the past 15 years... TEQUILA!!!

Let us first take a brief partially in depth look at the different types of Tequila so that we have an understanding and respect for their creation process, all the while matching the different taste palates to find yours. 

There are 5 types of Tequila, but today, let’s go over the 3 most popular. Starting off with its entry level class, and perhaps, its most…complex? Well maybe not comple in the way you’re thinking. Rest assured, we at 479Wine/Mayfair strive to give you, our valued customers, not only a great spirit, but also knowledge without complexity. And now, we take a look at the line-up.

Blanco A.k.a Silver or White 

Don’t worry. We promise that is as complex as this entry level Tequila will get.While many popular brands call this class by many different names, the one thing they all have in common is their source, and preparation process. 

In this class, all are clear in color, with the differences being blanco is typically bottled right after distillation, but can be held in stainless steel, or different types of casks for up to 60 days. Blanco is the most popular mixing tequila as its flavor palate is mostly citrus and agave forward and the least complex of the group.

Our recommendations: Teremana Blanco. Maestro Dobel Blanco. Don Julio Blanco


This class of Tequila is blonde in color, and aged for at least 2 months and up to one year. They are typically aged in oak casks, but can be aged in sherry and pre used bourbon casks. This provides a mellowed out and slightly complex flavor with mild oak and vanilla notes that finish smooth. If you’re into Whiskey, this would be a fine alternative.

Reposado is THE MOST versatile class of Tequila for its ability to mix in smoothly, or be enjoyed neat or on the rocks.

Our recommendations: Teremana Reposado. Cenote Reposado. Clase Azul Reposado. 

Anejo (Where the adults play)

Anejo has a versatility that is unlike any spirit on the market.Not because of how it is mixed or enjoyed. No. But because a good Anejo stands alone, or next to a great Whiskey. 

This class of Tequila holds its own in a cigar lounge, or a dark and smokey spirit gathering alongside Whiskeys and Cognacs. This high character, smooth and smokey class usually has a pleasant cinnamon bite upon entry, then lends itself to vanilla and mellow agave notes, and finishes with a pleasant smokiness that gets softer after each sip. Enjoy neat, or on the rocks. (Cigars and chaises optional).

Our recommendations: Cenote Anejo. Maestro Dobel Anejo. Don Julio 1942 Anejo

Playa Caddie Margaritas

Playa Caddie Margaritas
2 ounces Don Julio tequila blanco
1 ounce Orange Liqueur (Cointreau or Grand Marnier)  
1 whole lime freshly squeezed 
2 Cara Cara Oranges freshly squeezed 
1 Tbsp agave syrup or more to taste
splash sparkling water or club soda
ice cubes
1/2 cup salt for your glass rim

    1. Roll both your limes and cara cara oranges in order to release the juices inside more easily. Then slice each in half and juice each separate and pour into separate glasses. If it's too pulpy, strain through a fine mesh strainer.

    2. Rub a wedge of lime around the rim of the glasses. Turn the glasses upside down and press the rim into the margarita salt and set aside.

    3. In a shaker, combine the tequila, Cointreau, lime juice, cara cara orange juice and agave.  Gently add ice cubes and secure the top on the shaker before shaking. Shake mixture until its very cold, because no one likes a warm margarita.

    4. Fill the glasses with crushed ice and pour the mixture over about 3/4 of the way full.  Add a splash of club soda and garnish with slices of cara orange and lime. Serve.

    We hope you have gotten valuable information from this blog that will help you further enjoy Cinco de Mayo for not only its annual celebration and greatest export, but in what this day really stands for, and the craftsmanship for its 3 most popular classes.

    We at 479Wine/Mayfair Liquors would like to thank you for your loyalty. 

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