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You're Not Seeing Double | Trumping the Trade War

"President Trump is seeking vengeance where it hurts--right in the glass."

European WinesPut down your glass and sip a bit slower as you might find yourself hard pressed to purchase your next bottle of Louis Jadot Pouilly Fuisse.

Embroiled in an all out trade war, due to Europes taxes on American tech companies, President Trump is seeking vengeance where it hurts--right in the glass.

It seems his initial 25% tariff on European wines and spirits (also cheese and handbags) did not pack enough of a punch as his newest proposal suggests a 100% increase, making many of our beloved Champagnes and Whiskey well over $100. 
With the U.S. economy consuming $5 billion dollars a year in European wine alone, 
foreign leaders are reluctantly back at the negotiation table but they aren't alone in the fight. U.S. Distributors, Wineries and Store Owners believe this move would desecrate the industry by triggering layoffs and increasing costs to consumers.
Wine Glass
Photo by Arthur Brognoli from Pexels
Sure, it might ramp up domestic sales, but whose to say that they wouldn't turn the tables, forcing U.S. wineries to look towards Canada, Australia and other countries to occupy the billion dollar void?

"...grape juice and Kraft singles are an acquired taste."

So should we prepare to say "farewell" to our beloved Bordeaux? Not for now, as of last week, French President Macaron and President Trump agreed to douse the flames of this foreign feud by reaching a "good" agreement, which has yet to be disclosed. We can't help but wonder what sparked this change in the POTUS? Perhaps Trump was reminded that grape juice and Kraft singles are an acquired taste.

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