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Beringer Main Vine White Zinfandel Chardonnay

Beringer Main & Vine White Merlot

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Nestled at the end of Main Street America, where the shops fade into the California vineyards, you will find Beringer Main & Vine. It’s there that time-honored wine values are blended seamlessly with generations of winemaking craftsmanship to create one of America’s favorite wine brands. Intended to be enjoyed with friends and family gatherings for the simple enjoyment of being together to cherish life’s moments with a glass of Beringer Main & Vine White Merlot. 

 Carefully crafted this lighter and refreshing alternative to traditional Merlot, Beringer Main & Vine White Merlot is dry but not heavy and has a pleasant mixture of citrus and spice much like a mulled wine. 

Notes: Dry, light-bodied. Aromas and flavors of orange, clementine, nutmeg and clove
Pairings: Baked brie, dark chocolate, cured meats
Serving Suggestions: Chilled
Region: California
Alcohol Content: 12%