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Borgo Scuro Invecchiata Grappa

Borgo Scuro Invecchiata Grappa 750ml

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Made with the notion that nothing should go to waste, Italian Grappa is made from pomace (wine remnant), but don't think its nothing more than sour grapes. For most, Grappa is an all too aggressive, overwhelming beverage, but this unique Italian favorite is often misunderstood. Intended to be drank after dinner Grappa is an a digestiv that should be sipped and enjoyed slowly as the nose and palate of Grappa is more complex than most standard table wines.

Among thos complex Grappa's is Borgoscuro Invecchiata Grappa; a blend of three vintages made up of 65% red (mainly Cabernet and Merlot) and 35% white grapes (distilled separately) to produce a golden glass that has been aged in ash and Slovanian oak.

Notes: Stong, medium-bodied. Aromas of sweet spices, peach, quince, with flavors of spice and licorice
Pairings: Venison, coffee, almonds
Serving Suggestions: Neat
Region: Italy
Alcohol Content: 45%