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Chopin Rye Vodka 750ml

Chopin Rye Vodka 750ml

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Chopin's, unique approach to the way they make their Vodka. With their rejection in the popular notion that all vodkas are the same they have revolutionized the market by producing vodka with three different single-ingredient vodkas; potato, rye and wheat to showcase just how different vodkas can be.

Traditional Chopin Vodka is made of 100% golden rye sourced within 25 miles of the distillery, some of which are grown themselves to ensure that they always use the freshest ingredients. Cooked whole with their skins prior to fermentation then distilled in a copper column-still.

Notes:Creamy,full-bodied. Aromas and flavor of pepper and spice.

Pairings: Oysters, Bleu cheese, olives

Serving Suggestions: Chilled or on the rocks or mixed into your favorite cocktail

Region: Poland

Alcohol Content: 40%