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Copain Pinot Noir Tous Ensemble 750ml

Copain Pinot Noir Tous Ensemble 750ml

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As the name, ‰ÛÏall together‰Û, suggests, Copain‰Ûªs Tous EnsembleåÊåÊPinot NoiråÊ unites all the alluring and distinct qualities of a Californian Pinot Noir in one botte. A perfect complement to any gathering, this ready to drink, wineåÊ pair beautifully with almost any food.

Notes:åÊDry, medium-bodied. Aromas of rose petals,åÊspices and plum with flavors of cherries and orange peel

Pairings: Pork tenderloin, venison, rack of lamb

Serving Suggestions:åÊRoom Temperature


Alcohol Content: 12.9%