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Hibiki Harmony Japanese Whiskey 750ml

Hibiki Harmony Japanese Whiskey 750ml

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A true symphony of Japanese craftsmanship, Hibiki Harmony Japanese Whiskey is considered the paragon of Japanese whiskey. Its unique blend of several malt and grain whiskies are meticulously added, resulting in an orchestra of aromas and flavors. Launched in 1989 to celebrate the brand Suntory's 90th birthday, Hibiki Harmony has become Japan's most highly awarded whiskey of all time and among the most prestigious whiskies in the world.

Notes: Smooth with aromas of rosemary, rose, lychee and sandalwood. Flavors of honey, white chocolate, orange peel and oak.

Pairings: Sushi, sashimi, duck

Serving Suggestions: Neat or with single ice cube

Region: Japanese

Alcohol Content: 43%