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Kammer Williams Birne Pear Brandy 750ml

Kammer Williams Birne Pear Brandy 750ml

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Before you open a bottle of Kammer Williams Birne Pear Brandy, ask yourself and your guests this pressing question, "How did they get the pear in the bottle? Quite the conversational piece, as the true answer is as absurd as one could imagine. While the pear is young, bottles are placed around the pear, and tied to the tree until the pear is ready to harvest. Then both the tree and the bottle are harvested in order for it to be filled with the intensely aromatic pear brandy that preserves the pear indefinitely.

Notes: Smooth, medium-bodied. Aromas and flavors of pear, vanilla and sugar
Pairings: Vanilla Ice Cream, roasted chicken, walnuts
Serving Suggestions: Neat

Region: Germany
Alcohol Content: 40%