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Kedem Concord Kal

Kedem Concord Kal

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Located in Marlboro, NY, Kedem Winery sits on 35 acres of land nestled in New York's historic Hudson Valley.Its there that Kedem Concord Kal is produced using carefully selected grapes by the eighth generation descendants of the winery is founder. Having started by only producing sacramental wines, Kedem Winery has since grown to include a full collection of from New York State. Kedem Concord Kal is an ideal Kiddush wine for those who prefer a low alcohol optionThis excellent Kiddush wine,  that is ripe and sweet, making this and ideal wine an aperitif.

Notes: Sweet, light-bodied. Aromas and flavors of berries, jam and vanilla

Pairings: Sole, sauteed broccoli rabe, lemon potatoes

Serving Suggestions: Room temperature

Region: New York

Alcohol Content: 3.5%