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Stolichnaya Elite Vodka

Stolichnaya Elite Vodka

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Stoli Elit is made using "freeze filtration" inspired by the old Russian tradition of leaving casks outside in plummeting winter conditions. This small-batch vodka is made from glacier water and select winter wheat. Then chilled to exactly 15°C before being  placed in quartz sand and Russian birch-wood charcoal then frozen to remove the impurities as they gravitate to the outside edge of the container and are removed. This is easily one of our favorite vodkas and after one sip, its sure to be yours too.

Notes: Dry and smooth. Aromas and flavors of vanilla, wheat and black pepper.

Pairings: Oysters, caviar and root vegetables

Serving Suggestions: Chilled or on the rocks

Region: Russia

Alcohol Content: 40%